Head Staff

The Head Staff of a powwow play an important role in the event's visible operations. These individuals have the responsibility of being exemplary role models with outstanding traditional qualities. They must be present throughout the whole powwow and are selected based on their exemplary skills and dedication.

Master of Ceremonies


Don Speidel

Donnie “Buffalo Boy” Speidel is a member of the Standing Rock Dakota and Lakota nations of South and North Dakota. An accomplished Lakota singer, dancer, and choreographer, Don has performed internationally and across North America, including performances for royalty and heads of state; He’s dedicated his life to the preservation and revitalization of Indigenous languages, culture, and the performing arts.

Kent Ayoungman

Kent Ayoungman is a member of Siksika Nation. He grew up travelling with family to powwows across the country. As a child, Kent was fascinated with singing and drumming but never had the opportunity to participate until he was a teenager – and he hasn’t stopped since. Kent has sung and recorded music with many champion drum groups and is still active on the powwow trail.

Arena Directors

Alex Scalplock

Alex Scalplock is a member of Siksika Nation. His Blackfoot name is (Paht’sikaik’kana) Faint Sparkling Star. Paht'sikaik'kana is the 2010 World Champion Chicken dancer and a cultural instructor, and works for the Siksika Board Of Education. He enjoys working with the students in Siksika and teaching drumming, singing and dancing. Alex has many years of experience as an arena director at southern Alberta pow wow celebrations. 

Dougie Rain

Dougie Rain is a member of the Paul First Nation Dougie is a radio personality on the Windspeaker Radio Network, and has been a host of the Heartbeat of Nations powwow program on 98.5 fm Edmonton but broadcasting Alberta wide. A men's traditional dance champion, a hunter/outdoorsman has made a career of working first children, youth & families in different capacities. An experienced powwow emcee and arena director of many years has been head staff of many powwows including Kehewin Cree Nation, Paul First Nation, Navajo Nation Fair, Carry the Kettle Nakota Nation, Painted Hand Casino, Sikisika Nation Fair and San Manuel, California to mention a few.

George Desjarlais

George Desjarlais is a member of the Frog Lake First Nation. He now resides in Enoch with his wife Amberly and their children. They are blessed with a big loving family. Pow wow and ceremony are an integral part of how they pass down knowledge and traditions to their children. His favorite part of Pow Wow is meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends.

Host Drum

Blackstone Singers

The 2023 Lead by Example 1st place drum contest winners

Blackstone singers started singing at powwows in 1987, named after the grandfather of some of the original singers and have travelled every summer since. Carrying on with the next generation of singers, which consist of sons and nephews and grandsons, Blackstone continues to uphold and pass on teachings of the drum. Grateful for all the experiences.

Head Drum Judge

Terry Paskimin

Terry Paskimin is a member of the Sweetgrass First Nation, Saskatchewan and now makes home in Paul First Nation, Alberta. As drumkeeper of Blackstone Singers, Terry is honored to serve as head drum judge and will do his best to keep the drumming and singing contest fair for everyone.

Head Men’s Dance Judge

Adrian Klein

Adrian Klein is a member of the Oneida Nation of the Thames, in southern Ontario. He is a traditional dancer and has danced that style since childhood. He has been able to travel extensively to many celebrations over the last 25 years He enjoys travelling to powwows with his family and sharing their style of dance. He currently works in the education field, supporting First Nations youth in the urban setting. He is honoured to be a part of the for this year‘s celebration.

Head Women’s Dance Judge

Dottie Scabbyrobe

Latrishia “Dottie” Scabbyrobe is a member of the Blackfeet Nation of Browning, Montana and Cree of Alexander First Nation of Alberta, Canada. She has been a part of the pow wow circle since a young age and has gained respect as a Fancy Shawl dancer throughout the years. Known for her unique fancy dance style and perseverance as she has won various iron woman specials. Her biggest goal was to always be a positive role model for the younger generation and encouraging them to dance. Dottie is now a full-time student majoring in Business Administration, fulfilling her duties and leadership role as the Vice President of the American Indigenous Business Leaders chapter of HU. She has been a mentor to the younger generation, having taught dance classes, dancer history, and sharing her own experience on what dancing has done for her life. Thankful to the pow wow circle she has been able to meet so many friends and family, that have all guided and helped her in some way in respecting the circle and dancing styles.   

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