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Message from the Kakato’si Kristian Ayoungman Foundation

The 2023 Lead by Example Powwow stands as a testament to unparalleled success, far surpassing our initial expectations. This extraordinary event, which drew participants and attendees from all corners of North America, showcased the profound impact it had on both the local and broader communities.

With an impressive turnout of over 2000 people throughout the event. The diverse range of participants not only fostered inclusivity but also served as a powerful representation of unity among Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.

Beyond the tangible successes, the Lead by Example Powwow became a nexus for forging meaningful relationships. Attendees, participants, and vendors alike experienced a sense of community that transcended the event itself. This, in turn, laid the foundation for enduring connections and collaborations, contributing to the long-term impact of the powwow.

The 2023 Lead by Example Powwow was not merely an event; it was a celebration of cultural diversity, economic empowerment, and community building. Its resounding success serves as a compelling testament to the potential for future events to make a lasting positive impact on both local and global scales.

We are proud to announce the newly established Kakato’si Kristian Ayoungman Foundation, we continue our commitment to reconciliation and plan for the 2024 Lead by Example Powwow, with the generous support of the Town of Strathmore and the Siksika Nation. We hope that you will join us, in our journey towards reconciliation.

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Kakato'si Kristian Ayoungman Foundation

P.O Box 1593, Siksika AB, T0J3W0

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