Strathmore and Siksika Nation are on a journey

Powwow is a celebration of life where many nations and tribes join to share songs and dances. Powwows welcome all people and highlight the enduring strength of Indigenous culture.

The Lead by Example Powwow is an important event for southern Alberta. On March 17, 2019 Kristian Kakato’si Ayoungman was killed on a highway near Strathmore, Alberta. Kakato’si was an elite young hockey player and champion dancer, and was an inspiring leader to many other youths. His mother knew that the healing over her son’s death could also heal racial injustice in her communities. For four years Melodie Ayoungman-Hunt has worked with the Town of Strathmore and Siksika Nation to deepen relationships, build partnerships, and inspire people through Kakato’si’s memory.

Melodies’ one ask has created a movement. Hear this moment from the award-winning documentary, Ayoungman.

Commitment from the Town of Strathmore.

The Town of Strathmore is proud to co-host this event. Building a stronger relationship with Siksika Nation and pursuing the calls to action in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Report have been goals across the past two terms of Council.

Meaningful engagement with Siksika Nation leadership and members has been instrumental in many new programs and developments. The Blackfoot name ‘Omahksikoki’ was bestowed on Strathmore, and it has been proudly featured on uniforms and other materials. Ongoing training led by Siksika Elders has been provided to Town employees and local businesses. Our Indigenous healing garden was dedicated and planted in 2021. This past year saw its first successful harvest of sweetgrass, tobacco, and sage – a harvest shared with local organizations to aid in further education efforts.

The Lead by Example Powwow is an important step for the Town’s reconciliation efforts, and a step we are proud to take with Siksika Nation.

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